The first female ultramarathon team from Afghanistan finishes a 250K in the Gobi Desert

In a week filled with drama, it should be no surprise that the 4Deserts Gobi March by RacingthePlanet is ending with a bang. Stage 6 had to be cancelled due to a massive sand storm that went right through the area. Competitors were taken out of the camp in the early hours because of rapidly deteriorating conditions. They are now at their hotel, enjoying some showers and food! The Awards Banquet will take place tonight where Zainab and Nelofar will receive their well-earned medals. After days of snow, rain, mud, oppressive heat and one really big sandstorm, Team Asma'i is the first Afghan women's team to officially complete an international ultramarathon. What an incredible accomplishment and proud moment for the entire Free to Run community! You can see their entire 250K journey in this amazing video coverage.

Leah Anathan